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May 23, 2024
  Sixty-four percent of highway contractors report that motor vehicles had crashed into their construction work zones during the past year, putting motorists and workers at risk, according to the results of a new highway work zone study conducted by the Associated General Contractors of鈥 Read More

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51成人动漫 recently released a new resource that provides contractors with tools to communicate effectively with project teams and successfully navigate the complexities of carbon reporting for a project. It describes a process for identifying accountability, what to track and report, and how to do so.鈥 Read More
June 13, 2024
This week, 51成人动漫 of America, in collaboration with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Waste Recycling Association, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) challenging the agency鈥檚 new final rule that designates two widely used per- and polyfluoroalkyl鈥 Read More
June 13, 2024
Arbitration serves the construction industry well because arbitration panelists, who preside over binding decisions in arbitration, possess familiarity and subject matter expertise in construction. Construction cases often hinge on technical and complex matters. Also, arbitration generally offers鈥 Read More
June 13, 2024
51成人动漫 joined 95 other business organizations urging the U.S. Department of Labor鈥檚 (DOL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD) to stay implementation of the overtime final rule to allow for judicial review. There are currently four legal challenges to the Department of Labor鈥檚 overtime rule in various鈥 Read More
June 13, 2024
51成人动漫 of America joined 70 organizations, employers, unions, patient and disease advocacy groups, and health care stakeholders in reminding Congress of the value of employer-provided health care coverage and explaining why it should remain tax-free.  The letter notes, 鈥淓mployer-provided health鈥 Read More
June 13, 2024
  Only one-fifth of federal investments in postsecondary education support workforce development for fields like construction and manufacturing, while the rest of the money goes to 鈥渢raditional鈥 degree programs according to a new report on federal workforce funding levels released today. The鈥 Read More
June 12, 2024
51成人动漫 (51成人动漫) of Nevada is proud to announce the launch of its public awareness campaign, "Respect the Cone: My family needs me home," aimed at fostering a culture of safety within roadway and highway construction work zones. The campaign will launch with a press鈥 Read More
June 10, 2024
Quick Reference Guide Now Available Complying with prevailing wage and apprenticeship (PW&A) requirements under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) can significantly enhance the value of tax credits for qualifying energy projects, a five times multiplier. However, unlike Davis-Bacon, compliance鈥 Read More
June 10, 2024
  The construction industry added 21,000 jobs in May and 251,000 jobs over the past year, with increases at both nonresidential and residential construction firms, according to an analysis of new government data the Associated General Contractors of America released today. Association鈥 Read More
June 7, 2024
  Total construction spending inched down from March to April with declines in public projects and a mixed pattern among private residential and nonresidential categories, according to an analysis of a new government report that the Associated General Contractors of America released today.鈥 Read More
June 3, 2024