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Building construction is a major contributor to employment and economic activity, in addition to producing structures that add to productivity and quality of life. In 2018, nonresidential construction spending in the U.S. totaled $748 billion ($453 billion private, $295 billion public) and nonresidential building and specialty trade contractors accounted for 3.4 million of the industry鈥檚 7.3 million employees.


51成人动漫 regularly engages with influential members of Congress and top officials with the federal agencies to implement 51成人动漫's legislative and regulatory .

  • Infrastructure Investment. 51成人动漫 is advocating for expanded investment in our nation's infrastructure and for improvements in the construction of our nation's buildings.
  • Tax Policy. 51成人动漫 supports lowering the federal tax burden on individuals, construction companies, and other business as a means of promoting investment, business development, and business expansion.

Key Topics and Resources

  • Lean Construction. The 51成人动漫 Lean Construction Forum is an inclusive and collaborative community that is open to anyone with an interest in lean construction processes. The Forum is focused on information sharing through its website and developing a and learning opportunities on the use of Lean principles in the construction industry.
  • Building Information Modeling. 51成人动漫 is a leader in the promotion of Building Information Modeling (BIM). 51成人动漫's efforts are focused through the , which is a group of leaders throughout the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) industry who are working to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of BIM. 51成人动漫 has also developed the and the .
  • Contract Documents. 51成人动漫 actively endorses the industry endorsed ConsensusDocs standard contracts, which fairly allocate risk among all parties on a project.
  • Project Delivery. 51成人动漫 has information about all types of construction project delivery including case studies, educational programs, research, publications, articles, and presentations.
  • Business Development. 51成人动漫's business development resources include publications, products, a peer network, and a knowledge source that are offered to help increase the profits and visibility of construction firms.
  • 51成人动漫 Federal Contractor Resources. As federal government infrastructure dollars become more readily available you may be looking for resources on how to enter that space. The contain an excellent overview of the Federal contracting process and offers helpful information on topics such as: Locating Federal Work, Types of Federal Contracts, Small Business Concerns, Payment Procedures, Claims and Dispute Resolution, and more.


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